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Wool, silk, cashmere, alpaca, mohair, … You have chosen one of our fabrics made of precious material, we deliver you our best advice to maintain it and keep your plaid like new.

Washing by hand with cold water:

To avoid shrinkage, it is essential to wash your plaid with the hand with delicacy, in cold water without letting it soak more than ten minutes all with very little neutral pH lye so as not to tarnish the colors.

Spinning, love and sweetness…

Be careful to not dry your throw blanket in a machine. Prefer a wringing by hand with softness rather than speed.

Flat drying:

On a hanger the throw will deform more easily because of the weight of the water so it is recommended to dry flat on a towel so as not to deform the fibers.

Ironing :

You don’t need to strongly flatten your iron, you risk felting and polishing the fibers. Plan a gentle ironing, with a small, slightly damp cloth between your iron and your plaid.

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